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Wilmington Christian Academy has been blessed by strong leadership. Since its establishment, WCA has been governed by an independent Board of Directors – a group of local community leaders deeply committed to Christian education.


From approving new faculty members and supervising the school’s finances to overseeing building projects and encouraging the administration, the Board of Directors governs the school and regularly makes important decisions that improve the overall quality of WCA.

While the list of Board responsibilities is extensive, one of their important functions is prayer for the Wilmington Christian Academy family. In addition to governing, this group regularly prays for the administration, faculty, staff, students, and parents of WCA. Board members are committed to the mission and vision of WCA and are dedicated to providing a balanced Christian education to the students in our community.


Board meetings are open to the public and requests to address the Board may be made via the email link below. The Board may enter into Executive Session at any time during the regularly scheduled meeting for private discussion. 

Our board tentatively meets the third Monday of every month.

Byron McGee.jpg
Pastor Byron McGee


Travis Hughes

Vice President

Lynette Littrell


Terri Schlabach


Tammie Reed


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